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Sling TV Adds First Broadcast Channel

ABC-slingThis is a major change for Sling TV. In the past they have said that over-the-air networks like ABC are free with an antenna so they saw no reason to add them. Yet for many this will be a huge addition because some cannot get all the stations they want over the air.

Hopefully this is just the start of many more over-the-air stations, like NBC and Fox, being added to Sling TV.

– See more at: CordCutters News

Last May, I cut the cord by dropping our DirecTV satellite service. For what I was paying and what we were watching, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Since then, we’ve watch TV through Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sling TV and cut our TV bill by 75%.

For the most part, all is well, except I’m not able to watch the Carolina Hurricanes and it’s difficult to get a couple of the local channels out of Raleigh (though ABC comes in the best at our house). Sling adding broadcast channels will be a big addition to their service, and I do hope the other networks jump on board soon.

What a time to be alive.

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